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About Saks of Savings

Saks of Savings Financial Coaching was founded because no one should be denied their dream of home ownership. If you need help qualifying for a mortgage, or feel overwhelmed by the mortgage process, then financial coaching is right for you. A Saks of Savings Financial Coach will guide you and provide a plan to purchase your first home. 

My Story 

I have always been told that I have a knack for explaining complicated topics in an understandable way. This skill came in handy in my first career as a Special Education math and science teacher.

While I was very effective at raising the achievement of my students, I always felt that the most powerful way to help others was in a one-on-one setting. Then it occurred to me that I could combine my talent at teaching and guiding others with another passion of mine, personal finance.


My passion for personal finance came from a discovery of the Financial Independence (FI) movement. When I started exploring the FI movement my aim was simply to achieve my financial goals faster. I didn't realize that it would also increase my health and happiness along the way. Spending less money never caused me to feel deprived. Not only did embracing a simpler lifestyle help me meet my own financial goals, it truly became a passion, just ask my wife!


Dani Saks

Founder of Saks of Savings

The lifestyle I discovered helped me pay off more than $40,000 of debt and save 30% of my income for the future.


I feel strongly that not only can Saks of Savings Financial Coaching help you meet your financial goals, but that it will lead to a happier life as well.


Who We Help

We specialize in helping first-time home buyers. If you've run into obstacles qualifying for a mortgage or just need a guide to help you navigate the process of getting the best mortgage possible, Saks of Savings can help. We also help clients with other big financial goals such as saving for a vacation, retirement or educational expenses.

How We Do It

 We will work with you to lower your debt to income ratio (DTI), increase your credit score and save for a down payment . To achieve these goals we help you find savings by looking at your expenses critically to find areas of spending that don't bring joy or value to your life. Your coach will not only help you find these sources of savings, but also develop a plan for what to do with the money you will save.

Our Client Guarantee

No Judgement

A Coach You Can Count On

Your Needs Come First

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